About Us

2000 – 2003 Here is a bit of background of what and why goldlimo has been put together. We purchased the domain name in 2001 and sat on it for about a year. We then started to do some research in to the limousine market and this is what we found.

10 years ago, limousines were used only by the rich and the famous. Now they are used by everyone, from 18th birthday parties to a tour around London. We felt there was a market that was now being missed. The original market of the rich and the famous, but just charging more money was not our idea of giving a better service.


2003 – goldlimo started out in life as a beautiful black Ford Lincoln Town Car and we gave a normal limousine service. One night I woke and sat bolt upright with a dream in my mind. That dream was of a gold limousine with a service that has not been seen before.


Yes goldlimo is the UK’s first gold limo, however what goldlimo stands for is so much more. We use only the best of everything when we are choosing products for our service. Our champagne is Moët & Chandon and our chocolates are Ferrero Rocher.

Our chauffeurs are all trained to the goldlimo highest standard. Our goldimo ‘Champers‘ is a classic, because the older style car fits perfectly to the traditional service that we offer. However we do fully refit the limousines with the latest equipment, from touch screen Sat Nav Systems, to DVD, T.V., Play Station 2, Neon Lighting and CD Stereo System.


Our goal is to make goldlimo the (N.P.B.) National Premium Brand when choosing a limousine service. There will only be a maximum of 2 goldlimo‘s per Yellow Pages area. We are aiming at the higher end of the market, we are priced accordingly, but give great value for money.

We adapt to each and every event that comes our way. Whether it’s the music or DVD, it all adds to making goldlimo an experience in itself rather than just a form of transportation. We like to feel that we help create dreams and memories that will stay with people forever.

The reaction that goldlimo gets when seen by the public is bizarre. People request permission to have their photograph taken next to her. Our chauffeurs have even had tourists ask if they can have their autographs. We can hardly wait to see the reaction from people, when they see our 1st goldlimo (Champers as she is named) at Weddings starting October 2003.
She gleams like the sun when light reflects off her.


2005 – £5 Million Public Liability Insurance now put in place for celebrity and children’s parties cover. goldlimo given front cover of ‘The Chauffeur Magazine’ & article February 2005 edition. Back in the Yellow Pages after a successful year focusing on gaining business through the internet and the goldlimo website. Hits settle at 20,000 hits a month. 2nd photoshoot, now with ‘Taboo’. No Ascot as it closed for a 2 year rebuild. New aircon, PS2 fitted, New Neon lighting, Reversing Camera fitted.
Refused Hackney Carriage License on the basis that ‘Champers‘ is now 9 years old and the Chastle Point Office will only license limousines of up to 4 years. This was because any older than that and the limousine is getting passed it sell by date…. but in ‘Champers‘ case, she is better now than she has ever been and getting better year by year, with the care and attention that we take.

2006 – New goldlimo Website Launch with a 200 hour face lift – the web-hits rocket off to over 46,000 in january alone. New Gallery section with over 150 photographs of ‘Champers‘ and the photoshoots that she has been used for. Brand NEW engine flown in direct from USA and fitted perfectly. Awarded Full UK & EEC License from VOSA, took nine months, loads of paperwork and now 10 week safety checks.

September – goldlimo WINNER ‘Excellent Customer Service’ Award at the Echo / Basildon Council Business Awards held at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon. To win this business awards is a credit to everyone who is involved with goldlimo and believes in the Dream that is was ans the reality that it has become. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

October – New 1000 Watt stereo system fitted with 6 Bose Speakers to give a real concert sound for our customers. Also fitted were new mood lighting and disco lighting in the rear shelf unit of Champers‘. goldlimo now stocks ‘Champers‘ Brut champagne direct. NEW goldlimo Intro DVD, that runs through the gadgets and saftey of Champer’s, followed by some preview movie clips of up and coming films at the cinema in 2007. Also had printed 2500 A6 postcard goldlimo glossy handouts and 5,000 business cards of the same effect and quality and 200 goldlimo Key Rings and 100 goldlimo Bottle Openers for Champers as give aways. We also now sell or give away Glow Stix Braclets for a bit of extra fun.

March 2007 – New Fibre Optic Lights through out the rear passenger section of ‘Champers‘ New in from the USA last month, million colour, multi colour change. New Jet Black Carpet throughout the rear and cab of the limousine and matching Limousine Jet Black Rug. New goldlimo Intro DVD’s with Happy Feet for children and Austin Powers ‘Gold Member’ for Adults entertainment. New A6 Colour Flyers with ‘The Saurus… Coming Soon’ all hush hush ssssshhhhh… watch this space. ‘Champers‘ involved in Prom Photoshoot for The Limited Edition Glossy Magazine’ involving some beautiful Page 3 models in fantastic Prom Dresses supplied by Brazen Hussy’s of Leigh on Sea.

Nov 2015 – Goldlimo is sold, and will continue to work but in the area of Portsmouth. We would like to thank everyone who has supported and worked with us over the years. We have made some wonderful connections and we hope the new owners look after her, just as we did.

So the journey Goldlimo continues…

Kindest regards,


Our five Values

The following five values have been defined as key characteristics in our behaviour and
attitudes in order to achieve the vision. They describe how we at goldlimo work
together with our colleagues and our clients and customers.